What do I think of myself? What do you think of me?

Well, what I think of myself is truly non-existent nowadays. There’s constantly an ego-mind and a conscious mind at play whenever I find myself thinking anything. I guess this has developed prominently after years of yoga practice.

The moment I become self-aware of my achievements and how I help so many people, is the same moment I like to laugh at this ego mind for its constant trials to build a self-identity.

Who am I? No one really! No one. I am as  human as you. As a being as a tree, a cat, a dog, an insect, as anything living. To think of myself as something, is so futile.

I get things like, ‘you have become so famous! ‘, ‘you are doing a great job! ‘, ‘you are an entrepreneur’, ‘you are earning so well, give us a party’, ‘you don’t talk about being on a budget please, you have so much’ ,’you are so talented’, etc etc

And it’s very very easy to dwell in these appreciations and think of myself as something and take pride in it. But I consciously try not to form self-identity.

You know what’s truly true to me? The fact that I like to work on what I love. And love is the core essence and purpose behind everything I do. The only thing I have is this fire inside me which is lighted by love. That’s all. That’s all there is to it.

Whatever comes after that is a by-product.

I am a spot in this world, belonging to it, as a tree belongs in this world. To be in this continuous process of disintegration and creation.

Think about this! One moment you are you, and at the same time you are bursting into innumerable fragments to diffuse and merge into everything around you. I am not talking about death. But in this very present living moment, we are living because we are disintegrating a part of us and giving up to our surroundings. And in exchange we learn or take something from them to create a newer part of us. Can be a new little thought too!

The moment you speak, the moment you move, the moment you be, you are affecting everything around you.

And this is the only thing I notice in people. I notice how conscious they are. I will read through people’s intentions. How genuine they are, or how fake. Because how you are being, is very very important to me and should be important to you.

It’s the only thing I notice in people and therefore I believe no one ever messes up with me. 😃 This is also looked upon as me having a ‘personality’. Be it! Though this personality is not self-created, it too happened as a result of my yoga practice. The more I practiced, the more I became awakened to minute nuances of people. Hence, it became too easy to catch any predators early on.

If we can all be aligned to love, I guess no one will have the intention to hurt others. I guess then, everyone can be outstanding at what they love.

Be you! Be authentically you. Which doesn’t mean being an unnecessary rebel. Be someone who is genuinely happy and loves to see others happy.. 🙂


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