In need of an expression

Days piled up on days like layers of pancake. The sky changing colour with seasons. Murky greys to bright blues. The warmth of oranges and reds and yellows. Sometimes purple too.

I have spent almost an year with a friend, absorbing his vibes. Loads of unexplained whims, unlabelled equations and undefined feelings.

Sometimes it feels like the simple yet moving short stories of Bibhutibhuson Bandhopadhay. Stories that narrate the purity of relationships between two people, gathering into them the shortest minutes of happiness mixed with sadness and sweet anger. The pricelessness of the moments.

Like ice cream cones,
a fallen flower,
few steps to the store,
a full moon,
shadows of flying birds,
the keys in my pocket,
red thread
and, cellotape.

The solace one finds in oneself is very different from the solace one finds being with another person. Both are beautiful in their own ways. And I am forever unsure of what to choose over which.

Life changes meaning everyday. I cannot help but wonder the intricacies of it. Intercepted by regular norms, intercepted by nights.

There’s a lot that is still beyond one’s understanding. Yet they exist. They exist like glitters spread across a room. Mostly intangible but visible. One cannot explain this. Infact the attempt to explain it will spoil the magic.

So, I let it be as it is.

As you can see, I have become pretty unorganized with my writing. Random thoughts occur one after another.

I let it be as it is.

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