Simple Living: For the goodness of it

‘Finding solace in being simple’- the only resolution that seemed sensible to make for the new year.

On 31st December, I decided to go for a haircut πŸ’‡. ‘U-cut please’ , I said to the lady in the parlour. What was boring for the past twenty years, became the wisest choice now.

I put on my high school gold rings on my ears the next day and was good to embrace minimalism.

U-cut, simplest golden rings and skin-coloured socks became my best friends. The question that arises here is- Did I become horribly old suddenly?

Can be. Maybe not.

In a world where you are supposed to look a certain way, groomed and shining and impressive, I chose simplicity. It feels immensely empowering. Its my way of coming out of the constant pressure of satisfying people’s perception of beauty.

Sometimes I think, maybe it’s my Yoga practice that’s encouraging me into ‘simple living’. A thought process like, ‘I have learned certain skills, my physical body looks good, I have confidence…, therefore I do not need anything extra to accentuate myself with ‘, works behind the screens.

‘I only need to take care of myself. Not be injured. And that’s it. ‘

Whatever it is happening internally, I can say it feels good and warm. And I plan to stick to it.

[Though, as for now, I can’t say anything about my obsession over buying stylish clothes! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ We will see what happens here later!! ]


Changes I have gradually made in my grooming regime are:

βœ” ️Clean trimmed nails always. [No painted nails or long nails]

βœ”οΈ Oiling hair is must. No harmful hair products. [I use Castor Oil]

βœ”οΈ Natural serum for face instead of chemical medicinal products for acne. [Neem and Tea-Tree Serum works best for me]

βœ” ️No chemical deodorants.

These changes are showing positive results.

I will talk about food in the next post.

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