Favourite things of September, 2018

I ate half of that chocolate !


I thought, I will share with you, all the favourite things I get hold of each month. I am a big time stationery hoarder and very recently started buying books (which I read, and don’t hoard) .

No matter how many times I say that I am not materialistic, know that whenever you take me (or, i go to) to a stationery shop, the inner child in me will jump up and down to own something cute and bring it back home.

Cherishing little things for life.

BTW, there’s a disclaimer here, ‘Please do not expect really high quality pictures of the things in brand new conditions. Because, I might have used/eaten them by the time I write about them.’


Let’s begin! ———

This month haven’t quite been on the stationery shopping side but nevertheless, gifts from abroad makes up for it. Yes, half of them my daddy got me on the way back from Latvia.


The chocolate that you see with the orange wrapper is Yumm!!! with the flavour of orange blended in with bitter chocolate. I suppose there’s a similar kind of it available here in Kolkata. But it’s quite not like this.


The next bits are the pencils and the erasable pen(in blue packaging).

I remember the time when as a child, packets of various types of pencils were handed over to me. Also… erasers of different shapes.

Those were some of the best gifts I got. I still have some. And yet again, I am contemplating on making a collection of erasers. Hmm.. Little pleasures.!


The book, ‘Little Women’ arrived few days back. Haven’t read it yet. But the storyline on the back cover attracted me. I am in a phase where I am reading books whose stories are narrated by young children. It’s an interesting perspective. Or should I say, an eye opener!! I will make sure I share my thoughts on the book after I finish it. Till then, see how vintagy the cover is! I loved it.



The Castor Oil was an experimental buy. I was never a beauty conscious person. I often go through winters without lotions or creams. So, this buy was a kind of change. Well, the thing is, in Ashtanga Yoga Practice, there’s a concept of Castor Oil bath. It claims to sooth muscle stiffness, reduce pain and activate lymphatic function. Therefore, I thought of giving it a try. Only for yoga though. Not for beauty! Haha..


Review of Castor Oil coming up next!


I will leave you with a happy illustration here…till the next post.

Hope this makes you happy..! 😊


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