Miss. Out

Hello, this is Rajendrani, and this is my 3rd attempt to start a blog! The last ones were way too serious with really boring names, that I hated them myself after few months.

This time I tried to come up with a quirky name, that should perhaps make some sense (or shouldn’t!).

Most of all, this blog is by no means an attempt to become a lifestyle blogger or anything of that sort. This is just very random. A place where I want to write about the littlest to the deepest things happening in my day to day life.

You can find my art here, my thoughts, things I buy, my yoga practice, new recipes I try (and fail!), sometimes my weird poems, oh! my clothes too..

I am Miss. Out or Miss. Totally Out because I don’t have things put together yet. I simply like too many things at once, and it’s hard to concentrate on only one thing for my entire life. I want to do so many things. So so many things. Primarily all happy things. But not for myself! For people around me.

I have this vision of building a place named ‘Happy Den’ where people can do everything they enjoy. A kid’s library, an art studio, a pottery studio, a theatre, a yoga studio, an activity centre, my own art shop (from where people can buy what they like), a cafe, a playroom, a playground with crazy monkey bars all over, a big garden with too many trees and flowers, a pet house, etc etc…

So you now know, this isn’t a small dream. This will cost me a hell lot and may not be possible in this lifetime. But what’s even more important for me is to tie my dreams to a cause. Other than creating a happy place for spreading happiness, I really needed a more deeper and profound cause. I guess I found it. I want to help alleviate the already prevalent sufferings of people. Whether mental or physical. I will talk about it in details in my later posts.

I don’t know if I can make this happen. It’s still very abstract. This is possibly not a one man/woman task. Haha! I know right! What I can do is atleast start building this up somehow. I am sure to find like-minded people somewhere down the road.

Let’s keep the dream alive. For a better tomorrow.

Till then, I will share with you my little favourite things and thoughts.


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  1. srijan says:

    Well, i’ve read many intro’s, but i’ve never read such an excited intro! And I loved the fact, as to how you want to spread happiness! That shows how big of a heart you have! This was really cute! I hope you won’t let go of this blog! Wishing you the best, beautiful!


    1. rajendranidutta says:

      Thank you so much.. I will go through your blog too..


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